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Cabo Home the Best Route between Beaches and Lighthouses

There is a place, where the mountains end and the sea begins. Incredible cliffs, steep slopes, hidden beaches, inaccessible coves, lighthouses protecting boats from the coast and incomparable panoramic views. We are talking about Cabo Home, an essential place if you visit the Aldán estuary.

How to get to

It is located in the village of Donón, belonging to O Hío, which is one of the parishes of the cangués municipality located in the westernmost part of the Morrazo Peninsula. It is very well signposted and easily accessible.

Upon arrival, there is a car park where you can leave your car to enjoy the magnificent views of the Costa de la Vela, take a photo in the famous Caracola or have a drink in the different chiringos that are around.


Mount O Facho

This is one of the largest attractions in the area . It is a mountain with an approximate height of about 160 meters above sea level, which has amazing panoramic views in which you can see the Vigo estuary, along with the Cíes and the entire Sailing Coast, the Pontevedra estuary with the Ons islands and of course, the entire immensity of the Atlantic Ocean “open sea”.

Monte o Facho

Due to both the geography of the terrain and its strategic position, has been the refuge of numerous populations throughout history. Today, we can visit a village castreño, located on the slope of the mountain. As well as the “Facho”, name given to the guardhouse located at the top of it.

El Facho

In order to climb the facho the most recommendable thing is to go by car to where there is a Roman road that goes up to the viewpoint. From there, it will be approximately 9 minutes of ascent on foot without excessive difficulty.

Route of the Lighthouses

Another more than essential alternative is to visit the lighthouses located in Cabo Home. To do this, just before arriving at the car park of the conch, turn left, along a dirt road that will lead to the lighthouses and the beach of Melide. This path is completely passable by car, although you will have to go slowly due to the potholes in the roadway.

Ruta de los Faros

All along this road, approximately 2 km, the Costa de la Vela will be crossed, with spectacular views of the cliffs and the grandeur of the Atlantic Ocean, with the Cíes Islands as a backdrop, until you come across an esplanade used as a large car park to leave the vehicles.

From this car park there will be a round trip route, starting from the Punta Subrido lighthouse. From this lighthouse the views are beautiful, on the left we have the Vigo estuary and you can enjoy breathtaking views of the beaches of Barra, Viñó and Nerga. On your right, you can see the beach of Melide. Passing through the pine forest of this beach, the route will lead to the other two lighthouses, which are Punta Robaleira (red lighthouse on the left) and Cabo Home (white lighthouse on the right).

Punta Robaleira

This area, where the two lighthouses of the image are located, is the westernmost of Cabo Home, giving an incredible sensation of closeness to the Cíes Island, as it is the closest point to them. Enjoy a sunset in this area is one of the most beautiful experiences that can be made in the Peninsula of Morrazo.

Melide Beach

Playa de Melide

This wonderful beach is situated between Punta Subrido and Punta Robaleira. It is 250 m long and 40 m wide. The beach is surrounded by a large pine forest and can only be reached on foot, making it a paradisiacal beach, with the Cíes Islands located just in front and providing wonderful views.



Hiking is one of the most outstanding activities in this place, as there are many trekking routes in Cape Home with varied difficulties for all audiences.

Below are a series of recommended routes:

Circular Route Cabo Home (14.89km)

Ruta Circular Cabo Home

Route Punta Couso - Cabo Home (9.32 km)

Ruta Punta Couso – Cabo Home

Route up Mount O Facho (2.53km)

Ruta subida monte O Facho

In addition to the routes described, there are different alternatives to these, being lost by the dunes of Barra beach, visiting its water mills or the old washing places. Follow the old Roman roads that go into the mountains towards Punta Couso. Find the best place to take a snapshot of the wonderful panoramic views that Cabo Home can offer and enjoy one of the best sunsets in Galicia.

Guided tours by electric bike

Rutas guiadas en bici eléctrica

A different way of visiting the Costa de la Vela and Cabo Home, visiting all the places of interest, is by means of a guided route on an electric bicycle.

Diving in Costa de la Vela

Buceo en la Costa de la Vela

One of the most exciting activities you can do on the Costa de la Vela is scuba diving. The seabed of Cabo Home is steep, with large cracks and full of marine life because fishing in this area is very difficult due to its geography.


Dormir en la Península del Morrazo

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