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Hiking is one of the most important attractions of the Aldán estuary, as an alternative to its beaches and gastronomy. There are numerous routes and paths that will take you to know Roman roads, petroglyphs, castles, water mills, endless cliffs and incomparable views.

Discover the most marvelous trails of the estuary

From Ría de Aldán Apartments we offer a multitude of proposals for hiking, trekking, running and other sports. We also organize guided hiking excursions that last half a day.

There are routes of different types of difficulty and for all audiences, so hiking is an ideal option for those days when the beach is not your first choice. Below you will find a series of recommended and essential routes in the area:

Route of the Orxas River Mills and Enchanted Forest : This is a route of about 4.5 km that starts just 300m from Ría de Aldán Apartments and runs numerous water mills while you follow the course of the Orxas river through a very leafy and colorful forest until you reach the famous Enchanted Forest of Aldán, where you can visit several springs, washing places, a Roman bridge, an aqueduct and the miniature castle.

Ruta Couso – Cabo Home: It is a route of about 5 km that goes from the lighthouse of Cabo Couso to Cabo Home, through a Roman road.

Ruta Lagos and Cabo Udra: There are several options for this route. The most beautiful option is to start from the beach of Lagos by a path catalogued as a blue path, which takes you along the coast to the beach of Ancoradouro. The views during the route are incomparable, and once you reach this beach, there is a circular route that allows you to go around Cape Udra, you can climb to the highest point to enjoy the sunset, enjoy the horses in the area, have a picnic on the stone tables, discover a beach difficult to access … There are plenty of options on this route and you can not miss.

Route Monte Antena : This route is approximately 4 km long and is a return route to reach the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of the peninsula of Morrazo. From the same point you can see the 3 estuaries (Vigo, Aldán and Pontevedra) with the Atlantic Islands as a backdrop.

Ruta Massó – Liméns: This route is one of our favourites. It starts at the Massó factory in Cangas, whose promenade is very beautiful and you can enjoy views of both the sea and the old canned food factory that will surprise you. The route, catalogued as a blue path, continues along the beach of Areamilla, and is coasting at all times to the beach of Liméns, passing through a natural tunnel that has no lighting, so it is very fun for people, then walk enjoying the sea breeze and the colors of the water to reach the furnas, which are huge natural holes that connect with the sea, and finally will discover the cove of the beach of Liméns. This route is highly recommended.

Ruta Cabo Home: Cabo Home is one of the places that are of obligatory visit. It is an area with very steep cliffs, with the Cíes Islands in the background. There are many options for hiking, you can climb the Mount Facho, where you will find the remains of a castrexo village and the best views you can imagine. There is also the route of the lighthouses, which goes along a dirt road and coasts the 3 lighthouses that are located there. (Punta Robaleira, Cabo Home and Punta Subrido). It is a wonderful place, full of activities to do, beaches to discover, like the beach of Melide, or where you can enjoy incomparable sunsets, lying down in the Cíes Islands and dyeing the sky with color.

Would you like to see these routes?

If you want to know more information about our hiking trails, contact us and we will do our best to make your experience really wonderful.

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