Apartamentos Ría de Aldán

Scuba Diving

Can you imagine floating without feeling gravity… that is the sensation experienced by everyone who dives for the first time. Discover the sensation of breathing and floating underwater from the hands of authentic diving professionals .

Try diving for the first time

That’s what a dive baptism is all about. It is designed for people who want to try diving and do not have previous experience. It consists of a theory class and a practical session. The activity includes diving insurance, equipment rental and instructor fees. It also includes the transfer from the center to the activity area and back. The approximate duration of the experience is about 3 hours. You must bring a swimsuit, flip-flops and towel, the rest is provided by us.

Why dive in the Rías Baixas? Because you will find seahorses, spider crabs, crabs, redheads, sea bream, sea bass, squid, cuttlefish and stop counting.

Am I already a diver?

Whether you are a diver or not, you can enjoy the seabed. The Dive Center organizes daily outings, both for certified divers and for those who want to try it without being certified as divers. For either option, you can contact the centre directly at www.buceoriasbaixas.com, or if you are staying in the apartments you can do so through us.

What is the price of the diving course?

You can consult all the prices of the diving courses, the daily departures and the experiences on the centre’s website. The prices are available on their website and discounts are available for groups. If you decide to take a course and you are from outside, you can stay in the apartments, since diving clients have a special discount in the accommodations. If you have children under 16, you can try the Snorkel experience, which is suitable for any age, as long as they know how to swim.